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We are not a one size fits all service

Identifying, employing and retaining critical talent is a Business Leader’s first priority. Nowadays, asset management companies look for ‘best in class’ solutions to meet specific client needs. No single off-the-shelf system or financial solution will exactly meet all the needs of an individual investor. The trick is finding the set of solutions that best meet those needs. Talent Network applies the same principle of finding the best recruitment solution, as quickly as possible, to meet your particular resourcing needs. We offer a range of services and are open to tailor making a recruitment solution for your business.

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Trevor Gildenhuys
Trevor Gildenhuys
Trevor Gildenhuys founded Talent Network in 2003. His vision was to create a platform which fully supports networking and collaboration, and then leverage the collaborative partnerships to provide exceptional talent to business. His experience as Recruitment Manager of a listed, integrated HR Services Group and 13 years at an established recruitment company in Cape Town served as the perfect foundation for Talent Network. He is passionate about Connecting People, Adding Value to Business.

Monique De Wet
Monique De Wet
Monique is passionate about the role people play in an organization and enjoys being able to influence and lead innovative solutions to ensure organisations attract and retain the best possible talent. She believes in keeping the process creative and in working quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a commitment to quality.
Monique also has a vision to engage with young people and prepare them for the work place. There is a strong need to get involved and “grow tomorrow’s leaders”, by mentoring, coaching and connecting the youth of today with bursaries and opportunities in the work place.

“Unlocking Innovation Through Collaboration”

Our Philosophy…

We are living in collaborative times, whether in the music industry or in business, artists and organisations are coming together, combining their thinking and actions, in order to leverage a better offering for their customers. By so doing, they increase the value of their individual contributions. When you engage with Talent Network, you are accessing a significant, collaborative network of Service Providers, who extend our offering nationally.

“It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants that I have seen further”. Isaac Newton.

Our Rates…

We offer a tailored, hands-on approach so please speak to us about practical solutions which yield the best results for you our clients, and let us quote you accordingly.

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To develop a million young African leaders with character and integrity to mobilise their generation with the tools and support to reach their full potential, with concrete results in social behavior change; education and job creation.

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“Combined with passion and perseverance, identifying and leveraging your strengths and aptitudes is the key to any career path.”

Anadil Hossain • Quote of the Day
“Every human being has work to do and influence to exert, which are peculiarly his, and which no conscience but his own can teach him to attend.”

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