Executive Search

Our innovative search process will help you secure exceptional candidates to lead your business

Since 2003, Talent Network has been helping clients find the right leadership through the identification, assessment, and recruitment of some of South Africa’s most talented frontrunners. Our strategic partnership with a BBBEE Level 1, black-owned company, allows us to deliver key leadership talent and human capital throughout SA.

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using our advanced research based methodology

to identify and recruit global leadership talent

With the use of current technology, social media and networking, our resource methods are easier and more efficient.
Our thought leaders network is a valuable resource based on years of  industry research, thought leader interviews, networks of influential people and privileged relationships with leading organizations.
Our collaboration with industry and sector specific associations allows us to offer valuable insights into trends as well as tap into talent specific pools from which we can source niche and sought after skill sets.


We understand that by collaborating with other specialist recruiters and consultants we offer our clients greater resources and the right people.  By using this shared executive search process we open more doors of opportunity for our clients and candidates.
Our consultants possess exceptional experience and deploy high-touch expertise and rigorous processes to consistently deliver the highest quality candidates to their clientele.
We use focused technologies to stay abreast of industry trends.  Our web-based marketing strategies and enterprise communications technologies allow us to access a global network and build valuable networks.
“Intuitive managers have special skills that are likely to become more valuable in tomorrow’s rapidly changing environment. They are the people who dream up the new products … They are the people who have a feel for what the consumer wants.”

W Agor • Quote of the Day
“Our time-horizon is a very real thing. It defines the outreach of the world we each live in.”
Elliot Jacques • Quote of the Day
“It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants that I have seen further.”
Isaac Newton • Quote of the Day